Ing-Ind/14 Mechanical Design and Machine Construction

The sector gathers the skills related to the design, construction and testing of machinery, structures and mechanical systems: principles and methodologies of mechanical design, from the construction elements of machines and the mechanical behaviour of materials to the reliable design of mechanical systems, optimization, integrated product and process design; numerical modelling, design and experimentation related to quality, safety, human-machine interaction, economic evaluation, environmental compatibility, manufacturability and maintainability; design and manufacture of mechanical and mechatronic systems, motors, pressure equipment, automatic machines and robots, lifting and transport machinery, biomechanical systems, micromechanical systems and components, components and structures for industrial plants, mechanical components for aeronautical and space applications; experimental methods for measuring and analyzing the state of deformation and tension, punctual and full-field methods of experimental solid mechanics, methods for dynamic and modal analysis, mechanics of materials subjected to the typical working stress, prototype tests, testing and control in operation, structural diagnostics, non-destructive controls, experimental design, statistical analysis and model construction; the theory and technique of land vehicles, mechanical and systemic design and testing of motor vehicles, railway vehicles, agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery and their components, including the engine.

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