Ing-Ind/34 Industrial Bioengineering

The sector is born from an organic integration of the methodologies and technologies of industrial engineering, mainly mechanics and chemistry, with the medical and biological problems related to life sciences.  The purpose of this integration is aimed at the technological, industrial, scientific, clinical and medical fields.  The scientific-disciplinary contents concern the bio-engineering application of methodological, technological, theoretical and experimental aspects, typical of chemical and mechanical engineering, and therefore the study, design, technologies and functional evaluation of instrumentation, medical devices and implants, natural and artificial materials, tissues, apparatuses and organisms by means of modeling, analytical and numerical instruments.  The specific methods of the sector are based on the structure-property linkage characteristic of biomaterials and biomechanical structures.  Also the cognitive deepening, based on the scale of observation, allows the biomechanical characterization of biological structures and the analysis of the characteristics of biologic-artificial interface, which are at the base of the design of biomedical devices.

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