Ing-Ind/06 Fluid Dynamics

The sector studies the motion of fluids and their applications in engineering.  The fundamentals, starting from the equations of motion and statistical mechanics, include the constitutive relations, the dynamics of vorticity, the potential and viscous motion fields, the compressible and non-compressible motion fields, the interaction between fluid currents and both rigid and deformable bodies and its aeroelastic effects, the phenomena of mass and energy transport, the boundary layers, acoustic waves and shock waves, rarefied gases and plasmas, turbulence.  To complete the fundamental topics of the sector are the peculiar and multiple techniques of numerical simulation and experimental measurement and methods of investigation of stability and transition of motion fields.  In addition to aerodynamic and gas-dynamic design, applications of considerable scientific and technological interest in thermofluidynamics, aeroacoustics, transition and turbulence control, motions of large masses and dispersion of pollutants are essential parts of the sector.

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